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Welcome to Hayward, CA USA

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The city of Hayward is finely getting a quality website, that promises to be informative and entertaining.

We apologias for the delay in getting this site up, but it's not forgotten! We will be moving forward here shortly. Even have custom Hayward maps lined up too! Please stick with us, while we look for an excellent editor to manage the website.

Interested? Let us know at info@myhayward.us

This site will feature FREE Hayward classifieds, Hayward business listings, and lots of other cool things like movie and book reviews. Hayward Real Estate will also have its own section, but is not the focus of this website. YOU are the focus!

We are here to keep Hayward residents informed and up to date with hot, local Hayward issues. And we hope to throw in a little entertainment too.

ETA to site completion? Never! This site will be an ever changing, growing collection of everything Hayward. However, we should have most of site occupied with good stuff by the end of Jan, 2004.

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Hometowns USA

www.MyHayward.us has finally arrived!

You saw www.MyCastroValley.com

Then you saw www.MySanLeandro.com

We were just saving the best for last!

It's time....Stand by for the most exciting thing to happen to Hayward, since he won the land from Don Castro!

Also see:  www.eastbaymall.com

The goal of this site: With www.MyHayward.us, we hope to build a community web site that is useful and informative.  Ultimately, this Hayward web site will be a comprehensive source for information on and regarding the town of Hayward. You will be able to find nearly everything you'd want to know about the town's history, public resources, clubs, chat groups, local retail, services and calendars of events.

MyHayward.US will have about 26 sub sections, ranging from Community Calendars, Bus. listings, classifieds, movie and book reviews, to news and public announcements. "We want to help get the word out." said Ken. "One thing we have proven with our other websites, is that we are great at helping the community stay informed on important issues and community events."

MyHayward.US is totally self-supporting through commercial sponsorship. I.e. advertising. The advertising will be from mainly local companies, not the flashing banners trying to sell you Viagra. And, we do NOT use pop-ups (ever)!

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